Susanna Blunt decided on her career as an artist at the age of 3, and she never changed her mind.  She makes abstract art as well as figurative, and for many years was best known for her portrait paintings.

In 2003 she won the national portrait competition for her portrait of Queen Elizabeth the Second which is now portrayed on all the Canadian coins minted since 2003, both for circulating coins and special collections.

Many of her paintings, collages and prints on paper are for sale as well as her sculptures. It is best to contact the artist for further information and for prices. Some images shown on the website are already in private collections.

Susanna also works by commission for portraits in oil on linen canvas, drawings on paper, and murals.

Her paintings and sculptures are exhibited internationally.

Her training started in painting and drawing at the Banff School of Fine Arts in Alberta Canada when she was still a teenager, then she moved to London England where she continued to study, first at the Hammersmith School of Art and Architecture, then 3 years at the Byam Shaw school of drawing and painting, where she graduated with a diploma. Subsequently she continued for a further four years in London with a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Art, where she won several prizes, more scholarships and a silver medal.

Looking for an intern for current art students

Duties Include:

– working in artists sculpture studio

– working with Photoshop

– Using Social Media Skills to promote the Artist


– Working closely with world known artist Susanna Blunt

– learning skills from a professional artist

She lives in North Vancouver , British Columbia, Canada

Portrait Artist

Susanna blunt is a world famous portrait artist who’s artwork is known world wide.  Susanna paints her artwork with oil and cotton linen cloth.  The canvas is stretched over a sturdy frame in which Susanna begins her work.  People who wish to commission Susanna to paint a portrait of them or their family can come to her studio for a consultation.  Susanna will show her work and get to know you while you visit.  At the end of the initial meeting, Susanna will take a photograph of the subject and use this to base the portraits.

Susanna’s portraits capture the true soul of the individual, a technique that cannot be picked up from a photograph.  All of Susanna’s artwork is priceless.